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Brother Marcus Cookbook


by Tas Gaitanos & Alex Large

Brunch at Brother Marcus is a weekend institution, and here in our first book you can find out why. Tas and Alex take the flavours of the Eastern Med to make dishes worth getting out of bed for, from simple favourites like Menemen – a spicy scrambled eggs made with peppers and tomatoes – to the sublime: think Pulled Lamb Flatbreads or Rosti with Fried Chicken and Eggs. Brunch with Brother Marcus also features recipes to make your own yoghurt, pickles, salt beef and breads as well as a drinks chapter that delivers both smoothies and fortifying cocktails such as the Brother Mary, or the alcohol-free Pomegranate Ginger Beer (sure to put a skip in your step). And there are sweets too, including traditional Baklavadika and a truly divine Portokalopita, an extraordinary orange filo pastry cake. You won’t want to brunch with anyone else.

Exclusively for books bought through our website, there will be eight golden tickets placed into random books. Each ticket wins you brunch for you and three friends in any of our restaurants.. so get ordering!

UK only

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